Firestorm to host “the future of Second Life” Q&A with Lab staff

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Jessica Lyon has announced that the Firestorm team will be hosting a Q&A session entitled The Future of Second Life.

The session will take place on Wednesday July 2nd at 07:00 SLT (that’s 7:00 AM PDT – I’ve always used 24-hour clock notation in this blog)  at the Firestorm Auditorium, with seating on a first come, first serve basis.

Oz Linden: SL's Technical Director Oz Linden: Linden Lab’s Technical Director of Second Life

In attendance will be Oz Linden, Technical Director of Second Life at the Lab. Peter Gray, the Lab’s Director of Global Communications may also be present as well.

Note that the focus of the session will Second Life – the session will not be a forum for discussion of the Lab’s  next generation platform. Opportunities to discuss the latter will doubtless come through various mediums once the Lab more solidly release details about it.

So if you want to learn…

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Tails From The Cat Shop

Great new book out from Storm! Must Read! Click on the picture to buy.

Fantasy meets Reality in Cyberspace, in a world where our online and offline experiences, friendships and even, our identities are excitingly entangled. Avatars are extensions of us, leading lives parallel to our own dull everyday existence. There are no limits to our Virtual Lives and we are free to live in any World we choose. Having a Virtual Life sets you free to dream and some dreams do come true.

Storm and Dude are partners. In spite of the fiercely opposing time zones, they meet and fall in love on the dance floor of the Junkyard Blues Club in the Virtual World of Second Life. They begin collecting breedable cats and their Second Life gets very crowded, so together they open Not Another Kitten, a Cat Shop in Cyberspace. Then the Cat Shop meets the University and both Worlds collide with laughter.

Meet the Divine Penny, the Italian-speaking Siamese cat, with the delicate chocolate paws, and find out if Professor Poppett’s poodle recovers from ‘indoor barking syndrome’. Go on an adventure in the alligator infested bayou to hunt for the Golden Kitten and find out why love always wins the day.

tails book

Quite an achievment. Started as a blog and became a book. Well done Storm very proud of you!

Heres the URL again :



Crashed three times in the middle of recording a video, sigh. Updated my eCollege dot me site . Crashed another couple of times. Sigh. Then I looked at the clock and it was two minutes to six, I had forgotten to pick up my meds ( don’t worry I have a stash). Sigh. A nice cup of coffee will help but shit remembered I had bought the cheap stuff to save money which I don’t like, stupid! Sigh. Then sent my daughter out to get cream for the christmas pudding that was on sale. The cream cracked in her rucksack and went everywhere. Sigh. So to cheer myself up I updated my eCollege site.Do have a look. I’ve included the post here for my subscribers to this blog.

Been having a troublesome day so……..

I thought I would cheer myself up with some Art. I am more ignorant of Art…

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Tears in the rain

Serendipidy Haven's Blog

Blade-Runner-quote-poster-blade-runner-33266777-552-852It’s one of life’s little mysteries to me – why do so many literary and movie plotlines, of certain genres, fall into such predictable tried and tested scenarios? Perhaps it’s the nature of the subject matter – there are, no doubt, certain moneyspinning formulae that are guaranteed not only to appeal, but provide a fairly rich vein of source material – even so, i can’t help wondering if some of the less extreme, yet equally likely story lines, might spawn some unexpected results.

Why is it, for example, that all-powerful super-computers always have a shocking secret to hide?; Why do the bad guys always have superior firepower, sophisticated plans and greater numbers, yet inevitably get beaten by a rag-tag bunch of misfits and amateurs?; How come the future is always a post-apocalyptic war zone, concrete dystopia presided over by an iron-fist government, or a place where humanity has become enslaved…

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just found this best dance video ever

One Billion Rising in Second Life

Today we are very proud to announce the release of our special video for One Billion Rising in Second Life.

This video was made to promote the 24 hour event on Thursday 14th February, running from 12 midnight to twelve midnight, with 24 hours of music, dance, art and celebration.


The video was made by women of Second Life, and we will be posting a list of the names on the One Billion Rising website later today, together with a list of the locations where it was filmed, so that you can visit these amazing places within Second Life.

Remember – we are planning to livestream the event itself so that people around the world will be able to watch it – and join in too!

The one caveat, of course, is that glitches happen and something will crash. However, no matter what the temporary difficulties are…

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From : Seren Haven My Comments in Italics

notmyselfIf there’s one thing we can be sure of, people are very different from their real world selves when they are in sl. Many that i’ve spoken to will say that they are less reserved, more outgoing, and less inhibited in sl than in their real lives; for many, sl is an opportunity to explore ideas, pathways and leanings that are either impossible or untenable in rl. Indeed there are a large number of people who will say that the representation of the person you’ll meet in the virtual world is far more ‘themself’ than the person you will meet in the flesh – possibly the most absurd contradiction of all, but then again, perhaps also the most revealing of insights.

Co0mment: Why is there such a lack of inhibition?  This I find hard to understand. If I make a fool of…

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It came as a shock to me when I discovered what I was seeing on screen was not what others were seeing. I just don’t mean mesh. Not everyone is running at 1920 x 1080 most are on a laptop it seems. Then in the viewer you have settings from low through mid and high up to ultra with shadows. On top of this we have draw distance which will determine the background. In my circle these days nearly all can see mesh but this was not the case three months ago. It struck me that one of the reasons I made videos (311 on YouTube)  was because I wanted everyone to see what I was seeing in Glorious Wide Screen Technicolor® . Before we look at individual implications let us note something. Soul Mods. Given the vast area of accoutrements and textures available in second life one would be…

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